bmw x3 f25 problems

This car is terrible! Get answers and make your voice heard! On September 1, 2019, we (leo and martyn turner) were traveling southwest on fm2322 (pace bend road), which is well travelled, at approximately 55 miles per hour in our 2013 BMW X3. Really surprising to see car engine failed this way. all problems of the 2005 BMW X3 . Car was towed to local BMW dealership where the service dept diagnosed car with major engine failure, admitting was likely related to malfunctioned timing chain guard a known engineering defect for the BMW n20 28i engine for the 2013 model year. Front ¾ vehicle photos © 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data. Without warnings and total engine failure. Re: Any F25 X3 owners experienced these problems? 2012 X3 N52 Xdrive. ©2020, All rights reserved. 5k miles a year with less than 100k with known engine defects is fruadulent at a minimum. Solid vehicle in the 6mos of ownership and 6K miles; only current issue is that the passenger side AC vent is stuck closed so it'll have to go in to be fixed since it's CPO'd still. Having some strange issues with your BMW X3’s transmission? The bolt holding the timing chain together broke causing the timing chain to break which resulted in complete engine failure. So far no battery problem reported. Join Community Forum Staff View All hornhospital Super Moderator. Front ¾ vehicle photos © 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data. TrueDelta reports repairs for 2015 to 2016 BMW X3 to be 128% of average. The chart shows the number of problems reported across all service years for each given model year of the BMW X3. Unacceptable to have a failed engine and I plan to take this issue to BMW corporate. The 2007 BMW X3 cars have the most problems reported (213 problems). Later on BMW service center reported engine failed for unknown reason. Ours has been fault less. Hoping that continues (reliability). After timing chain replacement, drivetrain malfunction light came on repeatedly while driving at various elevations and speeds. First, the oil pressure warning reduce speed appeared. Bump the X3 problem graphs up another notch. 64.2K posts. My wife help to start the engine every 3-4days for about 10min each time. The suspension system is known to suffer badly from off-roading and this will impact the overall ride quality. For more information on how we collect and use this information, please review our Privacy Policy. PAPER Super Moderator. I own a 2013 BMW X3 and I received a notification of a timing chain issue from BMW. Now looking for a place to pull over, it was less than another minute when car locked up and stopped in the middle of the road. Also my daughter was driving the car at the time & it could have caused a serious accident. The fact that this issue can result in 'catastrophic engine failure', is not a recall, and bwm is not willing to proactively replace a known defective part tells me they are not concerned with the safety of their owners or to stand by their own manufacturing mistakes. I just got my X3 2.0i in 10 April 2015, and went overseas until current day. Connecting rod bearing is spun. I have replaced the air conditioner evaporator, coolant expansion tank, all 4 door edge protectors which had discolored, and the glovebox door that delaminated. 64.2K posts. Identifying Car Problems by Odour, Think Your Car’s Been Stolen? I was stuck waiting for help for an hour. See Car was towed to bmx dealer. Faulty plastic timing chain guide that fails prematurely. BMW is hiding the severity of these failures in their parts and because nobody has died or faced an injury they will not take the initiative and issue a recall, they just extended the warranty for the replacement of these parts for an additional 10k miles because they know the plastic timing chain lasts on average to about 70k which is why the warranty is now for 7 years/70k miles or whichever comes first. However, the 2012 to 2016 BMW X3 have each been rated average or better by CR. RECALL: Hyundai Kona Electric Fires: Park Away From Structures, read stories from drivers who praise our work. Car could not be re-started at that time. Forum BMW Brasil / Clube BMW Brasil. The 2015 BMW X3 has 60 problems & defects reported by X3 owners. When the sunroof on the X3 is closed there should be no problems. Bastuck Catback Exhaust for 3/4 series WITH CERT, Classifieds: WTS / WTB BMW Parts, Accessories, Kit, BMW ///M - 1M, M2, M3/4, M5/M6, X5M / X6M, Ground Zero BMW 1-1 Replacement Speakers & Woofer Made In Germany For All BMW Model. I feel there is a design flaw with this engine and BMW should be forced to repair the damage and disclose the number of engine failures related to this design flaw. . The original warranty was increased due to known defects and failures of the n20 engine and apparently no proactive offer at BMW na's expense to fix this issue. They said it is common problem due to manufacturer problem. The worst complaints are problems. At nearly 5k or more in repairs, that is basically 50% of the vehicle's resale value. Tow-truck driver couldn't get into neutral to load on his truck. For the VINs of the recalled BMW X3 vehicles, please see PRA 2016/15596. BMW X3 owners have reported 18 problems related to engine failure (under the engine and engine cooling category). M. Michael Schott Super Moderator. With the exception of the ISO-FIX recall. . BMW na offered assistance in discounting the repair to the quoted amount of $11,300 but will not authorize full coverage for repair cost as car is outside of the extended warranty of 7 year/70k. To my knowledge we did not receive a notice or recall for the correction of the n20 engine defects. Perhaps the most well-known problem in the BMW X3 is with the turbo. It makes a difference. BMW X3 owners have reported a total of 1,394 problems for their cars built in the 17 model years listed in the chart below. Suggested resolution was new engine quoted originally at $16,000 but lowered to $11,300 plus tax for a car valued at roughly $12,000. Service manager recommended not driving the car because of likely engine failure. The worst complaints are accessories - interior, electrical, and windows / windshield problems. At 113,000, my mechanic is telling me to either replace the timing chain and components, or get rid of the vehicle, as the engine will eventually fail if this in not addressed. Example: "Bad Brakes", "Toyota Recall", etc. When "stop now to prevent engine damage" light appeared, I was fortunately going 25 mph and was able to coast into a parking lot and my car never ran again. Having spent over two decades in the car parts industry, Justin combines his passion that since 2002, has successfully united those looking for new and used car parts with the breaker that supplies them. 67 for the diagnosis and quoted $14,000 to replace the engine. Sad to say, my "go to" sites for reliability (Consumer Reports and TrueDelta) both have the F25 X3 in the bottom 25% for reliability. Vehicle has 83k mile. The owner of a quality import repair shop says he has no idea and has never come across anything like this before. Driving the car on the highway when the screen on the car flashes a �drivetrain malfunction error�, no prior issues or warnings and it said to drive moderately, no other warning or to stop. But crack open this window to get some air into your BMW, and you may be beset by all kinds of creaking and knocking noises. I can not believe no authority is taking any action on BMW for making faulty car like this and not holding them accountable. After the "oil pressure warning" came one, less than a minute later there was a "drive-train malfunction" warning. The 2011 BMW X3 (the first year of the F25 X3) was rated in the bottom group for reliability by Consumer Reports. It also needs brake pads every 30,000 miles in the rear and 45,000 miles in the front which is a bit excessive but I do like the car overall and don't regret purchasing it, I went into this knowing it would have issues so I haven't been caught off guard. Test the suspension on your BMW X3 by using a simple push on the body of the vehicle and checking how quickly it rocks back into position. What’s Causing those Steering Wheel Shakes? Registered Office: 289 Aylsham Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 2RY. Engine failure at 70155 miles. I just got my X3 2.0i in 10 April 2015, and went overseas until current day. We’ll also talk about overall X3 reliability, off-road functionality, and overall driving experience for the two earlier generation X3’s.

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