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We cover the cost of operating, in part, by earning affiliate commissions when visitors click our affiliate links, then complete purchases from the merchants that we are affiliated with. About a year ago, though, a third possibility emerged: private ownership for the ex-military machines. We would love to hear your thoughts! However, not all Hummers are rpm limited. So if the trail is less than seven feet wide, well, it’s gonna be seven feet wide by the time you come out the other side. The good ship Humvee took a wave over the bow and kept plowing forward unperturbed as water sloshed in over the side sills. Need Help Identifying a 1898 Mosin Nagant Finn M91 Rifle. Now, the truck is 72 inches tall. The truck can speed up from 0 to 60 mph in 10.4 seconds. I saw first hand that some mechanics work always passed inspection, others always failed and had to have help redoing their work to get it right. I was an Aircraft Mechanic in the US Air Force. We love cars, pickups, and everything with wheels! Early variants of the Hummer, i.e., the H1 were slow, heavy and delivered about 65 mph at full throttle. Prior to IronPlanet’s involvement, “disposal” meant just that—most old Humvees were sold for scrap (though they’re not hard to find on eBay, either). Loved visiting last year, 2019. Things changed with the turbo diesels introduced in 1996. It transferred decommissioned Humvees to state police … You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, You Don't Have to Sell Us on a Good Drive. AM General likes to tell people HMMWVs are unsafe so that they won’t have to deal with retail consumers (they don’t have the infrastructure in place to support retail consumers) and regulations like mandatory recall notifications. Any police-operated Humvee is a hand-me-down from the military so they have the same speed limit. The first models shipped with a 6.2-liter diesel with a 3-speed transmission. Their 6.5 L V8 engine couldn’t deliver the amount of torque required to move the 10,300 pounds bulk at an impressive pace. The few minor points of FMVSS that HMMWVs don’t meet are little things that were omitted due to mission requirements, like reverse lights (which most HMMWV owners add). It has all-wheel drive with an independent suspension and helical gear-reduction hubs similar to portal axles which attach towards the top rather than the center of each wheel to allow the drivetrainshafts to be raised for a full 16 in (410 mm) of ground clearance. Factors such as the engine’s torque output and the vehicle’s shape are important determinants of how fast they can go. Exp. There is also a risk of frying the t-case and suspensions. So far, about 2500 Humvees have been honorably discharged from military bases to private ownership, a process that got easier last summer when IronPlanet began offering Standard Form 97, “The United States Government Certificate to Obtain Title to a Vehicle.” That crucial piece of paperwork allows buyers to prove ownership, and from there one can pursue the quest for a license plate, although IronPlanet isn’t making any promises on that front. But the truck is not sluggish as many believe it to be; the Hummer just has a bad reputation. GM produced the H2 from 2002 to 2009 in Sport Utility Truck and Sport Utility Vehicle variants. Killing HPA: Did 3 Big Silencer Brands Sell Us ALL Out? Spartan interior aside, the M998 actually has a nice ride. That’s why savvy preppers will tell you it’s smart to buy a used Humvee, but it’s even smarter to buy two. Maybe that shouldn’t be a surprise, given the tall sidewalls and long-travel independent suspension, but the Humvee’s reputation suggests relentless brutality, a nonstop sensory assault of cranium-shaking violence. Its zero-to-50-mph claim is 24 seconds. If you like what we do at we hope you will support us by clicking our affiliate links when you want to purchase products. But, given the prices—our test truck, with hardtop and LED headlights, sold for $18,250—it can be worth taking a flier on a rig with supernatural off-road abilities. You don’t want to hyper-mile the H1 as mileage will take a serious hit. Do you still think the Hummer is slow? But you don’t want to push the truck too hard, especially if you are using the 6-speed tranny as it is not as reliable as the 4-speed transmission. It could reach a top speed of 98 mph and took only 8.8 seconds to complete the 0-60 mph dash. A Hummer’s speed depends on its weight, engine, and aerodynamics. Sure, you can roll the dice and push the 20+ year old engines harder and squeeze out a few more mph. “…in fact you’re wrong. In reality, anything above 55 mph will strain the truck’s transfer case and joints to the limit. Episode 13 – Humvee Helmet Tops, Safety 3rd, KPJ Military Customs, What IS This? HMMWVs are inherently safe vehicles that meet almost every part of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). Outback’s trail system includes sand, mud, and even a dense cypress swamp that approximates a jungle. If you want to drive it 80 you bought wrong vehicle.” -Andre K. However, surplus military HMMWVs that may have actually been in combat, dropped out of aircraft, and/or abused for decades by youngsters that didn’t have to pay to fix them. The top end is supposedly 70 mph, but attaining that speed would require the courage of a thousand Richard Nobles. However, the program has been revised after the public outcry over the militarization of the police force. 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The Humvee was undaunted by any of it. Like maybe you need to climb a 60-percent grade. The body is mounted on a narrow steel frame with boxed rails … Before attempting to boost your Hummer’s speed, make sure local regulations permit the change. Any police-operated Humvee is a hand-me-down from the military so they have the same speed limit. If that were true, then the first few years of H1 Hummers that were mechanically the same as military HMMWVs would not have been street legal. Online heavy-equipment auction site IronPlanet bid on a government contract for “disposal of surplus product,” meaning Humvees made obsolete by the new Oshkosh Joint Light Tactical Vehicle. But they are also expensive. It had a bigger and more capable 6.6 liter Duramax Diesel and a 5-speed Allison transmission. But I will dbl check that now. As an early model, the M998 featured GM’s 6.2-liter diesel V-8 instead of the later 6.5-liter, and its green camo hinted at a Cold War anti-Commie assignment rather than more recent sand-toned adventures. “Redline on the 6.2 and 6.5 motor is 3400 RPM. He’s got a point. In lesser trucks, you’d worry about smashing a diff on some hazard beneath the surface, but AM General had the good sense to tuck the drivetrain high in the fuselage, sending torque to the wheels via geared hubs. A standard Humvee seems as if it’ll handle water deep enough to float a Chesapeake oyster dredge. What's the Next Big Thing In Safety Tech? Coupon Code: 25MJ Expires: November 1, 2020, NEW! The Hummer has a reputation of being a lumbering, gas-guzzling and eco-unfriendly beast. I’ll take that.” -Lucas F. A brand new HMMWV or H1 with a 4 speed drive train would be just as safe at highway speeds as most vehicles on the road. However, civilian mechanics rarely cannibalize used parts from other vehicles or make combat expedient repairs in the field. Why would anybody want to drive such a vehicle at 100 mph or more? Whether you want speed, comfort, or exceptional towing performance, most users consider the H1 Alpha the best in its line. It’s like driving a wall of brick. One must assume that any surplus HMMWV is not road worthy when it rolls off of the lot when bought from the government. The result is 16 inches of ground clearance and a smooth underbody, allowing the truck to straddle substantial obstacles. Even in luxed-up H1 guise, the Humvee was never known as a friendly, or even competent, on-road machine. We may earn commissions through our links. According to the manufacturer, a 2003 Hummer H2 with 6.0 liter V8 and a 4-speed automatic transmission can attain a top speed of 93 mph. You know you’ve got a serious off-roader when you might need scuba equipment to drive it. Its zero-to-50-mph claim is 24 seconds. 20% off on the World's Strongest Belts + FREE Shipping with Code: TACTICAL2020 only at! The speed of the truck varies according to the model and year. The AM General High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle occupies an extremely weird place in American automotive culture. 12/18/20. Meanwhile, there are several Hummer modifications that deliver astonishing speeds on or off-road. Hydro Flask Coffee with Flex Sip Lid! The upgrade to a 6.5 liter naturally aspirated diesel with 4-speed transmission had 65 mph and needed 24.8 seconds to reach 0-60 mph. Without the speed governor, even the Hummer H1 Alpha can reach 103 mph. We may earn money from the links on this page. AMG and GM installed an electronic speed governor on Hummers to prevent them from exceeding a certain speed even if the engine’s rpm can achieve more. This Week: Ridgeline, e-tron's Noises, and More, front-engine, 4-wheel-drive, 4-passenger ex-military truck, pushrod 16-valve diesel V-8, iron block and heads, direct fuel injection. Until very recently, you’ve only driven one of these things if (A) you once wore fatigues and answered to Uncle Sam, or (B) your successful New Jersey nightclub needed a tax write-off for a friggin’ business vehicle. 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