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But most of all, be willing to try something and think outside the box if conventional wisdom isn’t working for you. She circled the healthcare system like a motion-sick kid on a merry-go-round. Your body can use two types of fuels: glucose (from carbs) and ketones (from fat). Autoimmune disease, arthritis, depression, and other awful lifelong maladies were all healed by eating this carnivore diet. 7 Reasons Why Breathing Improperly Is Destroying Your Health, more restrictive variation of the ketogenic diet, Is Liver Good For You? When I finished the diet, I immediately ate (and drank) several things barred from the diet, hopped on a plane to Spain, and slept for half the trip. Some of their stories can be found on my. Jordan Peterson talked to Joe Rogan about Mikhaila’s auto-immune disorders and other complications. Choosing between glucose and ketones is like deciding between rocket fuel and sludge that produces a massive amount of toxic waste. Antidepressants wouldn’t help her, all of the mysterious symptoms weren’t being helped at all from all the pills the doctors were giving her. Some of my dinners alone were over 2,500 calories. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Mikhaila Peterson’s Story Dr. Peterson also claimed to have been intellectually at his best. She simply wanted to feel better and solve what wasn’t working, and she began a search toward that end. He explained how she started to look at the food she was eating instead of going to more doctors and taking more prescription drugs. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. All Rights Reserved. The diet consists of: The Lion Diet has been featured in major news sources like: Basically, the lion diet is the all-meat diet, but with a couple of personal touches from Mikhaila. https://www.shreducated.com/post/mikhaila-peterson-carnivore-diet-results Dr. Peterson claims that his appetite was dramatically reduced which would undoubtedly lead to weight loss. There is no neutral food. Mikhaila Peterson Founder at The Lion Diet, Inc. Toronto, Canada Area 171 connections. If you have any ethical consideration about eating meat, especially factory farmed meat, then you will definitely find yourself in a moral dilemma if you decide to eat nothing but meat, all day, every day. The healthiest foods in the world? At age 14, she was chronically tired, a condition that only worsened as time went on. But extends it further by being even more restrictive. I have been seeing questions about it, so I thought I would answer the question in this post, what is the lion diet? I’m choosing to be a lion. The final negatives have nothing to do with the results of the diet, but they are definitely worth mentioning. No more sugar. If you’re wondering what the difference is between the lion diet and the carnivore diet, it isn’t much. The brain is a micronutrient hungry organ and deficiencies tend to make their mark there. Almost every health problem has some immune, inflammatory component. Mikhaila Peterson and The Lion Diet Explained September 21, 2019 / 0 Comments / in Interviews, Show / by Surit Dasgupta. The Lion Diet, Inc. Blog. Mikhaila Peterson. She walked around in a haze and felt like she was constantly in a pit of doom. Normally if I eat 1,000 calories in one sitting I am in a food coma for the next hour. 1:00 pm 31 Oct 2019. Test and analyze your results, and course-correct as needed. Fasting has been shown to decrease insulin and glucose levels. And her depression only got worse. Part One - The Plant Paradox. To be honest, I was close to even trying bloodletting if it would work. © 2020 Mikhaila Peterson. Fasting increases norepinephrine and increases metabolic rate to ensure you have enough energy to go after food . Her depression intensified. The lion diet works for many of the same reasons the carnivore diet works. Hell yes. Brought to life by Prism Design Co. Thousands of people have followed this way of eating, reporting complete remissions of autoimmune, psychological and digestive illnesses, as well as significant improvements to cognitive, emotional and physical health. In his most recent podcast with Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson mentioned that he has been eating nothing but meat for the past two months and has received extraordinary results from this new diet. Create your own citizen scientist experiment, and get the support from trusted medical professional. The first is that eating nothing but meat, especially limiting yourself to beef, is extremely expensive. Over time, your bodies become cluttered with junk and start to break down. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. A second point to emphasize here is minimizing the variables when testing. She gives a good description of what the lion diet is and talks about what she recommends in this video. It’s time to master the carnivore diet.

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