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Your pouting lips reveal an immature emotional streak to your character that results in changing moods, sulking and even tantrum throwing, if you feel that this is going to help you achieve your ends. It therefore reflects the likely trends of life at that point in our lives. Be cautious of people with twisted lips or lips that don’t meet and are assymetrical. There are ways to enjoy intelligent inertia. Your inner bitterness with life is clearly seen in your thin lips and it’s this very bitterness which has caused your instability in life. According to Dr Ralph Abbou, a plastic surgeon in … As one of the world’s premiere astrology sites, provides a variety of astrological, psychic, spiritual and new-age information to an ever-growing global audience. Whether you act on that or not is another matter. You should read these: Top 10 Best Beaches in the world 2020 (Most beautiful beaches to Visit) Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Wrist Watches in The World 2020; Top 10 Vaccine Manufacturers in the World 2020 ; Top 10 Best Dancers in the World 2020; Top 10 Worst Prisons in the … Sometimes this has more to do with a fear of success than a fear of failure. All in all though, a larger mouth is a positive omen for the general character. In the extreme, you may be seen as a person of meanness of spirit, but this is not always indicated, however you are prone to hold grudges if someone doublecrosses you and this attitude, which is unforgiving, really adversely affects you more than anyone else. You may at times be ecstatically high and then struggle to find your centre of pleasure. At some point, just like that tennis star, you may come to realise that you only serve to alienate others and to make them look down upon you if you’re not able to control this extreme behaviour of yours. WHEN: ASTROLOGY HOROSCOPES AND TIMING EVENTS, 2020 YEAR OF THE METAL RAT CHINESE HOROSCOPE FORECAST, A – Devotion – desire, passion, physical and emotional response, B – Heredity – procreative, spiritual, affinity, C – Caressing – luxury, fondling, petting, D – Parenting – parental love, authority (direction, control, power), E – Reverence – service, veneration, modesty, F – Patriotism – love of homeland, public or community spirit, rurality, pastoralism and rustic living. Being of firm mind, responsible and decisive still may not counteract your rather large ego. Learning the art of sharing what you have will be an important lesson and one that will help you develop spiritually. At times you feel inadequate and tend to lean on others for their help in a posture of victimhood. Love moves in cycles too and the planets can show you WHEN!! Over and above this, it will miraculously change peoples’ opinion of you. The paler the colour and drier the lip, the poorer the emotional energy and warmth in the nature. This is a dead give away. An argumentative streak is also not ruled out. Your wide lips do endow you with a very disciplined nature which carries over into your relationships as a rather unusual form of loyalty. You may have an unusual life with lips that have pointed corners. Because your lips are tightly pursed, it’s imperative you learn the art of surrender and “going with the flow” as they say. This frustration may be a result of a hard disciplinary early childhood which reflected very conservative or parental schooling ethics. PO Box 243, Mortdale, NSW, Australia, 2223 Often you find yourself involved with someone only to find that person isn’t a “giver”. Your New Year’s resolutions never last that long. Ex Prime Minister of Australia, Bob Hawke, has very pronounced lips. The lips like the eyes represent personality. You know, others may not always help you even though you rely on them, and this is a recipe for disaster in that you will be let down when all the while feeling as though these people will be there to rescue you in times of need. The problem is get... You feel a resonant flirtation with someone. If they are near, then yes they are dimples. It is essentially the large zygomatic, the Greek zygoma meaning join, which when it contracts, causes a reaction that lifts the corner of the lips upwards and the outside to stretch them towards the ears. Uneven lips, if found on your face, indicate your sharp wit, your quick repartee and manner in conversation and thought. Some individuals with deeply curved lower lips tend to lead a very unsettled existence and find themselves moving from house to house and even partner to partner in their search for bigger and better sensual experiences. If you possess this sensitive point, you’re considered the most wonderful friend and partner to have in life. Earlier we saw the meaning of the singular thin upper lip. The more frequent the worry, the more habitual the tendency to purse the lips. Your negative relationships will teach you many lessons in life that generally speaking will help you open up later in life. Your needs and desires in the affection department are depicted by what is usually considered to be an organ of eating and speech for the most part. Anger is nothing more than a frustrated spirit, an eagle aching to soar but unable to fulfil its vision. This aspect of the lips is known as mobility and reveals so much to you about the workings of the mind and nature of human beings. That, you certainly do. Due to your social graces and strong ambitions you will find yourself in a position of power in which others are more than happy to help you achieve even greater success. This is even more the case if you possess other facial exposures e.g. Most notably you have an extraordinary sense of optimism and try to see the best in any situation. The mouth and lips being a gauge of your character, very ably indicate either your kindness or severity, your happiness or depression, your selfishness or generosity. An easy way to quickly check how emotionally generous a person is, is to study the upper and lower lips. The mark of creativity, fine culture and refined interests, especially in theatrical film or artistic avenues, are seen clearly in lips with an upward curve. Dimples: Benefits, How they are formed, Different types and Surgery. Your mind is suspicious of others and this probably reflects a certain amount of poor self confidence which you need to work on. Some of the other positive virtues which are reflected in the point of sensitivity are your capable oratory skills and sales and public relations ability. Though you may not rely too much on intuition or fancy new techniques, your commonsense is highly regarded by others. Unfortunately the down side of the protruding mouth is the fact that you might not be easily satisfied with your sexual experiences. You’re especially argumentative when it comes to putting forward your opinion and may also be forceful in doing so. if they are at the corner of your mouth, that's a bit more gray area and may only be the corners of your mouth. As you can see, these related sexual aspects found in the lips, seem to correlate more closely to the female anatomy. When they are of this calibre it means you’re a sensitive, sensual and caring person. Some of our specialties include a large number of free horoscopes and psychic readings. Try lightening up and the respect you are looking for may come to you. Your health is also favoured if you have finely coloured lips. Look carefully at the centre line where the upper and lower lips meet. Because your lips indicate sensuality, you are balanced in the way you show your love and express your emotions and sexual feelings to the person of your choice. Once you make up your mind you can be unrelenting in going after your goals and once achieve them can become a great success. May the Stars shine down their blessings, good fortune and happiness on you! If you trace the lip line to the corners of your mouth, you may just notice some little indents – one on each side, not unlike small dimples. The Celtic Cross spread is probably the most popular spread in use today. They should not appear dry or cracked. Imagine the successes you could achieve. Perhaps you need to examine your over effusive gestures in the romantic department, step back and wait for love to come to you. Strangely the downward turned lips are also a marking of pessimism. If your upper lip is thick, but shorter rather than longer, the opposite of the above will be true. People have used charm casts to protect themselves from evil and ensure good things since the beginning of our species. This shaped mouth of yours is a perfect reflector of your fault-finding nature. In this instance it does indicate instability and an offence to others through the use of your language and words. An upset child’s upper lip will tremble with sorrow. If, for example, your upper lip is thinner than your lower lip, you may find it hard or not quite in keeping with your nature generally, to “give” in your relationships. When confronted by angry or worried people, you will inevitably find the lips tightly pursed or clenched. Tag: mouth corner dimples astrology. These negative traits are far more pronounced if your lips are pursed or held together tightly. If your upper lip is thick and long at the same time, you possess abundant sexual desire but may find climaxing takes a long time. Unfortunately, the downside of the protruding mouth is the fact that you might not be easily satisfied with your sexual experiences. Astrologer-Founder-CEO. In life, you must learn to see the world as it is rather than as you believe it is. Birthdays are fun, and they can also be informative. When your lips are at rest you will notice a slightly wavy line which is an unusual marking showing us that you are a consummate speaker with great rhetoric ability. My Special Discount Package Forecast Report. In the context of your face, the lips should be full and of a light reddish or pinkish colour and this indicates your warm affable and vibrant nature. Responsibility? If you are in a position of authority, for example an employment arena, you may feel a strong control over those you work with, but this is simply because they fear you rather than respect you and at some point you need to learn a significant lesson about how to use power compassionately. If your soft and mushy mouth also remains slightly open, you may find sexual overindulgence a means of escaping an otherwise boring routine of life. You will certainly need a partner who can be patient and sensitive to your sensual needs. A lack of emotional energy is depicted because you have pale or dry lips. Magnanimous by nature, your large lips evidently reveal this generosity of spirit which is for the most part who you are. If your lips are moist and plump, you’re indeed a warm hearted and demonstrative person. Dimples are sometimes caused by a change in a facial muscle called the zygomaticus major. If the upper lip noticeably droops over the lower lip, this is called the eagle’s mouth and affects a more dangerous and possibly even violent individual.

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